Despite of the differences in religion, law, philosophy or language and the questions to the authenticity of the media in this modern society, “EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW IN YOUR LIFE ALREADY HAS BEEN ANSWERED” — this is the principal concept of Answer-ed. The band also exemplifies what rock essentially has to offer: verve, violence, fierceness or madness. Answer-ed also seeks to redefine “What is rock?” or “What is live performance?” to the recent-day audience who mainly listen to digital or pop music, created entirely by computer sounds. 


Vocal, Guitar & Programming: Toshi

Guitar: Shoya

Bass: Toki

​Drums: Sion



Answer-ed merges the basic band components of vocals, guitar, bass and drums with synthesizer, electronic drums and other digital sound effects. The band features heavy guitar and bass riffs, decorative and powerful drum fill-ins. Lyrics and sound-wise, their combination of Japanese and English lyrics in single tune really breaks down the image of traditional J-ROCK’s sound and melodies. Answer-ed tries to position itself to be the only one as a hybrid of Japanese and the world’s mainstream music.

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